Wednesday, March 12, 2014


LYS… Lyon is such a gorgeous city, it is not only the oldest city in the France and has a lot of monuments but also has a modern district, where you can feel almost like in LA. So hope you enjoy!

Saturday, March 8, 2014


SUNNY DAY IN LYON… So here I am- Lyon, the oldest city in France, where the smell of the macarons is in the air! I really adore French cities, they're extremely elegant and in all of them you can fell like in Paris. That's the reason why I very willingly visit France. 
What can I say about Lyon?- It seems like it isn't such a big, crowded city. Without any problem you can explore this place on your own foot.
Shopping in Lyon?- Quite expensive, but sometimes you can find something really special, which is worth the money!
Food?- I really recommend you traditional French food, cause I ate sushi there and it wasn't good! My daddy always said: "When you don't know the place, but you need to eat something the best option is to eat in Italian restaurant! Pizza and spaghetti never kill nobody." Honestly is true!